Black Baptists formed the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of Texas by 1874. As was typical of Baptist state organizations, the BME Convention promoted missionary and educational activity in the state.


Under Dr. Stephen C. Nash, Presidency for the first time in one hundred and forty –three years the Baptist Missionary And Education Convention has tenure for the first time. The Baptist Missionary And Education Constitution was voted active to govern the convention.

Past Presidents

Our current president, Dr. Nash, has more than forty-two years of pastoral experience, and presently is pastor of the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church of Dallas, TX.

The Baptist Missionary And Education Convention

Stephen C. Nash Sr PhD
Stephen C. Nash Sr PhD – BME President

The Baptist Missionary And Education Convention’s purpose as stated in the constitution is to promote knowledge of the great needs of the Christian who endeavor to adequately uphold the teachings of the new testament for a definite integration into the better life of the general social structure of the of the State of Texas, the United States of America, and the world at large, and the fusion of the influence and power of the several Baptist Churches, social, other religious, economic, educational and moral agencies into an adequate agency to meet the challenging needs, messengers from these churches and units for religious and social helpfulness have joined themselves together to accomplish the tasks for evangelism, missions, Christian education, a better living level, working sphere and more worthwhile purpose for the Baptist churches of Texas with the view of having them ultimately resolved into a definitely useful federation which will radiate a larger Christian citizenship perspective, deeper appreciation of the labors and sacrifices of the pioneers who made possible our present enjoyment and a wider fellowship horizon. This is a Convention of Churches, with associations and individual affiliations.

During its One Hundred and Forty-Three year tenure it has been focused on its original two great task Evangelism and Religious Education. The convention was instrumental in building one of the first Negro Schools in January 1878 in Dallas via the Northwestern District Baptist Association. Their pride and joy was Bishop College.

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